Tuesday, July 18, 2006


As most of us know by now, there is almost ∅ amount of Diabetes related software for Mac Users, which is why I was elated upon coming across
Diabetes Logbook X 1.0b5 - Track and report diabetes related events. Since Mac does have the "best" Graphics available, why not take advantage of this feature that Developer Paul Nesfield from UK has provided. The Application is a Log Book for all T1DM persons where you can input Glucose levels, Insulin amounts, Carb. numbers, Medications (in addition to Insulin) taken, Ketone data and "Notes" regarding any Problems. It is however formatted in 24hr rather than 12 hr time (which is no big deal). It has a color code that lets you visual "see" your results in the Log Reports that are generated from 7 days to 12 months. One can also "Import" and "Export" Data. Everything is very well done. What I personally would like to have as a possible "Update" is the availability of a scatter and simple line graph as well. Currently the only representation besides the numbers Data is horizontal Bar Graphs in the Report Section. BTW this is a "Freeware"/"Donationware" which is of additional benefit to many. However, since this is a Freeware and Paul Nesfield did take the time to put all this together and make available, why not "Donate" what you are able to offer. He and the Wife must now put the energy, time and anxiety (as we all know) in the caring of their wonderful 6½ yr. old son who was diagnosed w/T1DM 3 years ago. Donations will be going to The Diabetes Association of UK.

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