Saturday, September 20, 2008


My subway ride down to Farmer's Market this afternoon recorded a bs reading of 170mg/dl.
I figured that that number would provide safety while in the Market since it was also post lunch.
At the Market I began to feel those familar symptoms of just before unconsciousness begins with the 1-2 second intervals of blackout while still upright.
Immediately I rushed across the street not cognizant of green yellow or red light. My main goal was to reach the Starbucks on the near corner where I knew SUGAR would be available.
The canisters of white granulated sugar were no-where to be found. I saw an employee and told her that I have Diabetes and am on the verge of losing consciousness in their store and was unable to find any sugar to treat my Hypoglycemia. She told me that they were "out of sugar" and asked if I would like sugar syrup instead. I said yes, and the manager asked me how many pumps of the syrup would I like?
I said, "5 pumps."
He quickly brought over a container of hot water which was filled with the 5 pumps of the sweet syrup.
After I quickly drank the sweet mixture, I checked my bs and got a reading of 40mg/dl.
Waiting 20 minutes for the effects to work, I rechecked and got a 77mg/dl.
Another day in the adventures of having T1DM and being on Insulin Analogues that are missing C-peptide(found in Porcine and Bovine Derived Insulin) which always gave me much earlier warnings of impending Hypoglycemia.

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