Thursday, March 29, 2007


What better way when you are on a subway to get from point A to point B, then by thoughts. There are of-course other options such as, reading, sitting and starring in vacuous space, breathing in the laden germs left over from someone's cough or sneeze thrown into the closed air for all to share, listening to an iPod. The listening to an iPod which seems to be the preferable way to look these days on the subway, will eventually fall and disappear from sight as did what they replaced which carried the same passion, popularity and hipness......Sonny's Walkman.
My thoughts brought me to the feeling that there should be the availability of Insulin made FREE to all who cannot manufacture it within their bodies. That of-course would be applied to T1DM. Insulin is similar to water, without it, there would be no Life available. Too much of it, and the same Life would cease to exist. Yes, the same applies to Water. There have been a number of Deaths due to the over-consumption of Water, which caused Sodium levels to be displaced.
The Free Availability of Insulin would be made available to ALL who needed it in-order to Survive/Live regardless of Economic Standings. There would be the elimination of Red Tape and Bureaucracy which stands in the way for making things "Happen" in a timely way, so that anyone whose Life depended on Insulin(T1DM), would have it. BTW, this Red Tape and Bureaucracy is/was responsible for the horrendous problems that were uncovered at V.A. Hospitals throughout the U.S.A. in general and Walter Reade specifically.

Monday, March 19, 2007


The morning sun enters the bedroom and plants a kiss upon my awakening body and the budding foliage within the room that awaits Spring Birth.

My exercise is done with precise movements along the bare-wood floor.

Breakfast is consumed with hot fragrant coffee that moistens my tongue and mingles with the hastily chewed potatoes and eggs.

I dress quickly to arrive for my expected appointment that never takes place. Partial snips of Matter within Time and Space greet me as if I am watching a Movie Trailer. I force myself to turn away from the strange visions before me and do a quick diagnostic which yields 37mg/dl.
Rushing to what I perceive as my Kitchen, there sits as if perched upon a twig and awaiting instructions is a can of Honey.
My palette only allows 1T as I search for other Rescuers.

An orange case flashes before me that encloses a powdery mixture with a solvent filled syringe waiting to create the Suspension that will give Life. The Glucagon is injected and the peanut butter sandwich is eaten.

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