Thursday, February 07, 2008

Diabetes Poetry

I turn the key to my apartment where I then drop spasmodically to the Floor.
Two dozen eggs are mixed as for an omelet that I never wanted as they fall out of the bag with me to the floor exposing yellow yolks on a brown wood surface creating the loss of a front tooth as I convulsively mash my jaw up/down and side to side not knowing what is real and what is temporary.
Unable to stand.
The refrigerator is near as my cats approach who have all too often seen their "Loved One" in similar past experiences.
They perform rescue by taking their claws to the open arm of my body that lays convulsing about in trying to revive me from the "Depths of Horror."
I squiggle to the refrigerator door and try to access any contents that will bring the Blood Glucose back up.
Pineapple juice bottle lay visible on the shelf as I reach for it but find my appendages are unable to grasp the potion as they continue to spasm.
I fight on...........Eternal Sleep is not welcomed.
Another attempt at the juice bottle yields it but quickly falls to the floor where juice and eggs now become a marsh reflection of Hypoglycemia.
Some juice remains in the bottle as I force myself to drink whatever liquid remains.
I lay in the marsh as my cats meow away the Evil from pressing on.
I search for honey and find a jar unable to avail itself because of immovable "stuck" lid.
Slowly the effects of the juice earlier consumed enables me to a steady gaze of another source which I now open and drink.
All is restored again, until.............................................................................

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