Thursday, September 20, 2007


The question I posed to Dr. Bernstein for his Live Broadcast on 09/19/2007

was answered regarding C-peptide.
The question I posed was, "From your knowledge, Do you know if there have been any studies that have shown that C-peptide is of beneficial value besides that of a bio-marker for insulin availability?
Dr. Bernstein responded by saying that, "C-peptide is a by-product in the manufacture of insulin and indeed there have been studies on animals.
But since C-peptide is not available for human use, and no one is interested in making it, it is just an academic point.
But there are some benefits to it."

What we in the Diabetes Community need, is not only to make the Healthcare Profession MORE aware of C-peptide and how, yes how it can be beneficial to the prevention AND treatment of Complications resulting from T1DM. There are animal studies that have proven this and the Bibliography goes back at least 30 years regarding the beneficial effects of the use of C-peptide in T1DM.
It (C-peptide) can be made available just as Symlin is now available for Diabetes Management.
And, oh by the way, YOU can still develop Complications (micro/macro vasculature) resulting from T1DM in spite of having "good" blood sugar numbers. It is the Nature of The Beast or to say it another way, it is a part of the Disease.

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