Tuesday, January 31, 2006


Most of us with Type 1 Diabetes are familiar with HbA1C. This test shows a 6-12 week pattern of blood sugars and is widely use as a predictor and evaluation of "how well the patient is doing" by the Medical Profession. Basically, Glucose binds with the protein Hemoglobin to give us glycosilated hemoglobin. It is now generally felt that those with Diabetes should have a HbA1c of 7% or lower, but not higher since that would mean poor control with "high blood sugars".
The thing that is wrong with this type of test to be used as a Predictor of Control is that the person could have very high blood sugars (300mg/dl and above) for 2 weeks and then have very low blood sugars 50 and below( as in the case of Hypoglycemia) for the remaining balance of the month or two.
Since HbA1C shows a median or average of the numbers.....the percentage might appear as a HbA1C of 7% and the Healthcare Providers are saying "how great and what a good job you are doing" to the patient. In reality however, the person's blood sugars are fluctuating between extremes and while the HbA1C shows "good numbers", the reality is not very good. Again keep in mind that the only thing that is measured, is the average of all the numbers and not the fluctuations that can and does occur on a daily basis.

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