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Many of you should have heard or know by now that there has been a major recall by the FDA on many pet foods because of a highly contaminated substance found in them (Melamine) which is a plastic, that when tested before packaging will give a high protein count so that amount can be used on the label. This melamine is responsible for Kidney Failure and the deaths of many cats and dogs. The FDA has found that this has been purposely done and is not an "Accident".
Here is an important Site to get more information from:
Menu Foods is a major Pet Food Supplier who has gotten the Wheat Products that go into pet foood from China, They in turn, have used this "Poison" to contaminate our Pet Foods. It is a vicous cycle.
Recall Information

As a result of adulterated wheat gluten there have been several additional pet food and pet treat product recalls that are not part of the Menu Foods recall. For information on these additional pet food recalls please go to
As of right now 04/23/07@ 5:00PM Monday:

Tainted Pet Food has finally hit the human food supply by way of hogs who ate pet food laced with melamine, a rodenticide banned in the US but in use in China.
California officials quarantined 1,500 animals at the American Hog Farm and are tracking who purchased nearly 100 hogs from the farm this month, when the animals' feed included pet food that had been tainted with melamine.
In addition, 26 hogs were sold and slaughtered at an unnamed processing plant in northern California . Federal authorities quarantined those unprocessed carcasses at that plant, but state officials expect to identify more California processing plants that purchased the hogs.

"The pet food recall is turning into a real crisis," DeLauro said . "FDA initially assured us that the concerns about the pet food supply was a separate issue and that the human food supply would not be threatened. However, recent reports noting that the melamine has been found in hog urine which, if verified, has the potential of contaminating human food."
More information is to be found and credited to:

The pet food entered the food supply through a deal between Natural Balance's manufacturer and a nearby hog farm.
"The arrangement was for the farm to pick up 25,000 pounds of salvage food from the pet food manufacturer every 10 days or so. The farm mixed that with other salvage resources" to make the pig feed, said Steve Lyle , a California Department of Food and Agriculture spokesman.

Just in passing, don't forget that Animals gave up their Lives so that YOU are able to use Insulin.

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