Thursday, May 18, 2006


Last evening as I was seated at my computer, the font size appeared very small on my monitor. That was strange, since I had not changed them at all. I enlarged my page, but still was unable to read the print. Since it was my usual time to check my glucose readings, I inserted the strip and got a ☞34mg/dl☜ reading!! I began to think to myself, how was it that I was still conscious? There was no dizziness only an inability to focus clearly. I immediately went to my refrigerator and quickly took out my Glucagen HypoKit. Inserted the sterile water into the glucose powder and injected into my muscle after the solution was shook. The great thing about the Glucagen Kit was that it began to work within 5-10 minutes and when I checked my glucose at that time it nicely climbed to 160mg/dl. Much better than when I would treat my low blood sugars with soda or sweet carbs and end up with my glucose rising to the other extreme (rebound) of 200-300mg/dl. This Kit is great because it raises the blood glucose quickly without rebound. Normally I would have eaten something sweet, but my numbers were too low and I had a feeling that they were falling too rapidly.
BTW, I do not work for the company.

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