Sunday, January 15, 2006


I first want to make it abundantly clear that this site is devoted to people with Type 1 Diabetes. There is a huge difference between Type 1 Diabetes and (the other illness, which should be called and is called in some small Medical circles, Insulin Resistance Disease). As "We" all know, Type 1 Diabetes has a different etiology, different prognosis, different complications although the "other illness" does share in some of the same complications, different methods of treatment. In this too, the only similarity is the taking of insulin. There are many other "Differences", such as motivation and identity with the illness. People with Type 1 Diabetes are usually more motivated and more fine tuned in identifying the illness as an addition to many other things that make up "who they are". This is not political correctness, but common sense. It is unfortunate that the vast amount of people within the Medical Community have not yet made that distinction. Go to any hospital in any city and you will hear people with Diabetes referred to as "The Diabetic". Not only are they in error in doing this(people are more than their illness), but they are usually referring to the other illness (Insulin Resistance Disease aka Type 2 Diabetes). To respect ourselves, NEVER refer to who we are by our Illness(Diabetic), Whenever anyone in the Healthcare community calls us "Diabetic", we should correct them by saying, "I HAVE DIABETES, I AM NOT A DIABETIC", If they do not understand this, it is time to look for a new Healthcare Provider. Remember, that you are your own best Doctor when it comes to taking care of your Diabetes. Who knows your Body/Mind better than you?

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I do not give up my Autonomy,especially to the Medical Profession. Passionate, Creative, Able to see Beauty within Simplicity, I Am Not A Diabetic, rather I have Diabetes (there is a big difference between the two on many levels).Type 1 Diabetes since 5 years of age. Belief in G-D