Saturday, November 24, 2007


I don't like asking for help.
Having Diabetes(T1DM) at the age of 6 begins to make a person very responsible and independent in managing their own Illness.

While in the Meat/Poultry Department at Whole Foods, I began to feel disorientated and had short spurts of "blacking-out."
Nevertheless, I was determined to make it back up the escalator and then to the cashier section, where-upon I would quickly leave and consume something very sweet to bring me back to normglycemia.
I couldn't find the escalator or elevator and the "black-out spurts" were continuing.
Since I was still rationale and knew from many occasions of what happens if Hypoglycemia is not treated in time, I decided to ask for help at the Meat Department.
I told them that, "I have Diabetes and that my blood sugar is very low and need the Manager or someone to help me, since I feel like passing out."
The kindness and concern shown to me was gracious and immediate.. One of the Butchers asked me if I wanted some pie, while another Butcher asked me what type of Diabetes I had because as he said, "almost everyone in my Family also has Diabetes."
I told the Butcher who asked if I wanted some pie, that orange or apple juice would be better.
Percy who was the Manager, brought me a container of Tropicana OJ to drink and while he was gone to get the container, requested that someone stay and watch over me.
He retuned quickly with an opened container which I immediately drank, where-upon he brought back another (small) container for me. I felt myself getting better and "returning to reality." Percy then went on to tell me that his ex-girlfriend had T1DM and so he knew what to do. His ex-girlfriend would find herself in frequent episodes of Hypoglycemia where she would would be unable to help herself.
Talking with Percy and being reassured that I would get better, which I did after consuming 3 containers of Tropicana all helped in my resurrection of consciousness. I thanked all the people who helped me and was then able to find the escalator taking me to the first floor where I then departed for the Subway.
As I walked out of Whole Foods I kept thinking, Angels do exist in places that one would never expect.
Sometimes we are not able to see and feel their presence and at other times ......................we can.

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