Friday, June 08, 2007


I went over to my hospital today to pick up a copy of lab results of blood that were drawn a couple of days ago.
Because I am pro-active medically and do not relinquish my Autonomy to the people in White(Medical Profession), I always will get my "labs" (which you have a Legal right to acquire) so I can know what is going on within my own Body.
There were two events that appeared somewhat strange to me.
The first was a woman in the "Waiting Area" reading a magazine with the main article of interest called, "How To Avoid Serious Hospital Errors."
Somewhat ironic I thought, since this was in a Hospital that was known for "sweeping their mistakes under the rug" in-order to avoid bad publicity and law suites.
The second was a Resident approaching the "Waiting Area" and calling out to a patient that he was to see, "Mrs. S. come on back."
The Resident looked impatient waiting for his patient to "come on back" and neglected to see, that Mrs. S. had difficulty walking and was relying on 2 canes.
I felt that this Doctor was more appropriately doing an impersonation of Bob Barker on the "Price Is Right" with his famous, "come on down" remarks to the contestants and maybe should have chosen a TV Game Show rather than Medicine as a career.

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