Monday, December 17, 2007


One of the real advantages to baking is not only in tasting the creation you have made, but sharing it with those you love or/and care about.

Such is the case as I decided to bake Cinnamon Doughnuts last evening so that I could have it with a great cup of coffee from selected aromatic arabic beans which I grind every morning.
After letting the dough rise and proofing it, I then baked the doughnuts to a beautiful golden tan color after upon which I applied melted sweet butter to the tops and sprinkled cinnamon sugar on each.
The smells from the cinnamon on a cold winter night was inviting and warm as the doughnuts "rested" only until the following morning to be consumed with delicious coffee and of-course enough Novolog to make this possible.
The remainder of the doughnuts I share with all of you for the Holidays and to one of my neighbors who has recently given birth to a new Life.

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