Friday, January 19, 2007


Opening and ingesting small available packets of sugar found in my jacket pocket
as the Trader Joe's store clerk rings up my organic loaf bread with jars of organic creamy peanut butter......
My eyes remain open, but I continue to lose moments of consciousness while I
stand at the counter.
Groceries are bagged and given as I then tumble out the store and looked upon as "having too much to drink".
Nearest store approaches as an Angel in Rescue.
Dunkin Donuts appears as I enter the source that will be my Rescuer from the doom of impending unconsciousness.
A pornographic display of sugar coated sweetness greets me that will be the Redeemer to my20mg/dl.
I quickly order two Boston Cream Doughnuts w/Chocolate Glaze that appear in front of me like a woman's sensual breasts.
As I quickly devour them and drink down the bad tasting coffee to hasten the "fix", I slowly begin to feel my presence return back into the Time/Space Reality of Existence.

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