Sunday, April 23, 2006


The other day, as I was on the 51st Street Subway Station preparing to go to Farmer's Market, I felt the common signals of Hypoglycemia. I sat down on the wooden bench and prepared to open my "trusty" sugar packs. As I was doing this a woman who was dressed up as an Angel (Wings included) began singing in a beautiful and deep operatic voice, "In the Arms Of An Angel". It was beautiful but profound as well, given the juxtaposition of the situation I was in. The train arrived at the station, the song was over and my Hypoglycemia was attended to with the help of the Arms Of An Angel.

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I do not give up my Autonomy,especially to the Medical Profession. Passionate, Creative, Able to see Beauty within Simplicity, I Am Not A Diabetic, rather I have Diabetes (there is a big difference between the two on many levels).Type 1 Diabetes since 5 years of age. Belief in G-D