Wednesday, March 29, 2006


A bout with Bronchitis which lasted for two weeks is finally over minus 10lbs of body weight because of not being able to or wanting to eat anything. I guess that takes me out of the "running" to be eligible to use Exubera (Inhaled Insulin). As I previously posted, "those with any respiratory problems such as Asthma, Bronchitis as well as Smokers are not candidates for Inhaled Insulin". Anyway, it was really created for those with Type 2 Diabetes who are afraid or do not want to use a needle with syringe to inject themselves for better Diabetes management/control. As we all know, in terms of "dollars & cents", Type 2 Diabetes is a larger cash flow market than Type 1 Diabetes which is about 10%. Another example of R&D being tipped in favor of those with Type 2 Diabetes since there is more money to be made.
The irony behind all this, is that Type 2 Diabetes is "PREVENTABLE". Type 1 DM is not.

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