Saturday, March 11, 2006


The Lancets used for the necessary testing of Blood Glucose are getting better and better. There now exists on the Market a Lancet that is 33Guage (very sharp and thin). This is all very good if you are newly diagnosed with Diabetes, a young child/infant/baby or someone who still has "Virgin Skin". If on the otherhand, you have had Diabetes for a long time (I have had Diabetes since I was 6), do a great number of "Finger Sticks" and have developed scar tissue, then the "New & Great 33 Guage Lancet" is not for you. The first time I had tried one, it did not even penetrate and was not even felt. There is logic within Diabetes. The more frequently that you use sites(no matter how much rotation you do) you will inevitably develop underlying scar tissue at the point of impact, preventing very thin lancets from drawing blood. One way around this is to have a Lancing Device that has greater depth and a higher degree of force. Sounds like a Bow and Arrow to me.
So I am very happy to be able to use the 31 Guage Lancet which is able to penetrate through the tissue with just enough force.

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