Saturday, January 28, 2006


Let us celebrate!! Another star for progress in the management of Diabetes. No cures, no cures.....but lots of glucose meters,lots of insulin pumps, lots of various insulins, lots of sharp needles (31G) and lots of congraulations to be had. This all points out to where on the "Time Continuum Line" you are on. As all of you know, 100 years ago, short acting insulins, let alone disposible syringes and meters were totally unheard of and unavailable. The way people with Diabetes managed their disease was with food and starvation. I am in no way implying that all these "devices" do not make the management and life easier as far as having Diabetes is concerned, but I also know, that sometime later/later☞☞ because of the "Time Continuum", the word Cure will have a greater meaning for those with Diabetes.

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