Thursday, May 11, 2006


This morning while I was at my Physical Therapy appointment with my Therapist, B.....I started to perspire. Experienced in the nuances of hypoglycemia, I tested my glucose and got a 42mg/dl. I showed B the results on my meter and began to ingest six sugar packets. I told her that I would be alright, but wanted to inform her ahead of time in case I was not. The irony with all this was that here I was being treated for a post fractured wrist because of hypoglycemia about two months ago and now I am again experiencing another bout with severe low blood sugar, but this time within the confines of Hand Physical Therapy. I proceeded with the proscribed exercises and when I left after about one hour, I again checked my glucose and got a repeat 42mg/dl......How strange!! It is as if the sugar ingested had no effect, or that the physical therapy for my wrist, reduced my blood sugar even further, or (and this is the one I think is correct) my glucose was dropping so rapidly and quickly,,,,,that the six packets of sugar was just enough to hold it at the same original level. I should have taken the cookies she originally offered, but even better, drank a sweet beverage which I should carry.

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