Monday, June 19, 2006


Do any of you with T1DM also feel extremely uncomfortable during the hot/humid Summer Days? I do know, that those with Autonomic Neuropathy because of T1DM do have difficulty in their bodies "cooling down" and adapting well to hot weather.


NYMOM said...

I have Type 2 and sometimes get hot in the summer as well.

What do you recommend?

BetterCell said...

A passionate Lover with a good air conditioner.That should help.

NYMOM said...

Thanks for your professional opinion.

Megan said...

I do horribly in the heat.

BetterCell said...

There is that factor Megan regarding the Temperature Mechanism in T1DM. It and other complications within the Autonomic N.S. are very much influenced and affected by this Illness.
I use to practice everyday at a Dojo(Martial Arts Schoo) on the Mats that had no air conditioning. Much sweat would drip down on the canvas. The Diabetes did not help.....but great for Endurance and Determination.

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