Saturday, February 17, 2007


My doorbell rings with the man in Brown(UPS) holding a heavy case of "DiabetesHealth" magazine for me to sign off on. I always receive one issue/month, so this was strange that the Publisher decided to send me a case. He probably wants an increase in exposure to the magazine, so more people will subscribe to it.
So I think to myself, "What am I going to do with a whole case of this stuff". Since NYC is big and filled with many people who have the classical soma-type of Metabolic Disease, aka Insulin Resistant Disease, aka Type 2 Diabetes, that then would be the way for me to get rid of the stuff.
I am on the subways a lot and it is fairly easy to "spot" those that either have Insulin Resistant Disease or the potential/eventuality for it.
Starting off with a case of 50 magazines, I am now down to 8 copies.
My presentation, "do you or anyone in your family or friends have Diabetes"?


Nic said...

This is such a great idea! What an insightful idea.

BetterCell said...

Thanks Nic........yes, everyone benefits. I now have more space in my apartment and those that I gave the magazine to, have the "chance" of becoming more educated about Diabetes and more "responsible" for their Lives.
BTW, since you are also a fan of chocolates, I picked up some Ritter Sport Chocolates (made in Germany) from Trader Joe's today, after my subway ride........Good taste!!

Scott said...

By distributing Diabetes Health, you are doing people a much bigger favor than the most logical alternative: Diabetes Forecast by the American Diabetes Association -- judged as a rag by most people, type 1, type 2 and even doctors. Diabetes Health has some editorial integrity, unlike the ADA!

BetterCell said...

I totally agree with you Scott. ADA and their rag(magazine) has never supported T1DM and reminds me of a relative getting to eat the breadcrumbs during a Thanksgiving meal rather than fully being a Participant.
At least DiabetesHealth carries relevant and up-to-date information on both T1DM and IRD(Insulin Resistant Disease,aka Type 2).

cassandra said...

that's cool. how have your responses been? are people happy to receive?

BetterCell said...

Hi Cassandra.......It is my feeling that all the people who have received it were IRD(aka Type 2), except for a CDE and Dietitian. Yes they all were positive.

cassandra said...

hey, i like calling type 2 "IRD", it's good to have more of a distinction. i think i'll go with that too. ^-^

BetterCell said...

Yeah....That's what it is and has always been.
If more of US, on a "Grassroots" level referred to Metabolic Disorder (aka Type 2) as IRD then hopefully the nonmenclature will change to reflect its true definition.

cassandra said...

so to spread the word in good ol' nippon, us type one's would be 糖尿病, and type 2's would be 代謝異常 or インスリン抵抗性症 or something... of course they say that in japan, a major cause of type 2 is not so much insulin resistance, as a decrease in secretion of insulin from the pancreas. but it is still considered a lifestyle disease, so i think the 代謝異常 (metabolic disorder) fits... yet, there are many types of metabolic disorders that have little to do with diabetes, so that is also kind of unfair.

Minnesota Nice said...

Barry, I was going to ask if you recommended the magazine but it's obvious you do.
I was also going to make a comment about "Forecast" no longer being of use to me. (I guess I had a shred of loyalty remaining because it was the only publication that I knew of in 1976).
Also, what do you think of "DB Self-Care"?

BetterCell said...

Hi Kathy......Just to make it clear, I do not work or do any work for the publishing company of the magazine. Having said that, I would be glad to send you a current copy of the magazine which I have. Just send me an Email w/your Address directly to me, which you can do from my Site.
I am not familiar w/DB Self-Care. I am however familiar with DiabetesCare which is a journal geared to Physicians interested in Diabetes and which I feel is a good publication.

Shannon said...

It's sad that you didn't have a lack of takers. But it was thoughtful of you to make the effort to hand them out rather than throwing them away.

BetterCell said...

Yes Shannon.......This might also be a reflection on the Medical Community not supplying enough information to their patients or/and poor communication on the part of Medical Personnel regarding Diabetes.

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