Wednesday, May 02, 2007


This is a comment that I had posted to a Site discussing the problems that ensue when people interfere with Nature, specifically Insulin:

The missing C-peptide that is now a part of genetically altered insulin does indeed, blunt the feelings such as tachycardia associated with on-coming Hypoglycemia.
This causes problems in two ways:
1. The longevity of Diabetes will by itself cause Hypoglycemia Unawareness.
2. The taking out of C-peptide in genetically altered insulin will also be responsible for the "blunting effect" so that the person is unable to remedy the situation in time.
When you have these things occurring together as well as the possible addition of a Beta-Blocker than the potential for a very dangerous situation exists. It leaves the person only being able to tell if their blood sugars are low by means of a meter reading. The reality is, that not everyone can afford the Continuous Glucose Monitor or be forced to wear one.
Logically, it would be much simpler and wiser to make C-peptide available as a separate vial that could be injected along w/insulin.
Realistically, there is too much time and money already invested in the manufacturing process of insulin and that it was the only way to have it available in third world countries that are lacking enough animals and money to supply insulin or/and do not have the resources available to extract porcine/bovine insulin.
The Genie(C-peptide) cannot be put back in the bottle, but it can be put into a separate vial and made available since it offers much more to a person with Diabetes than a heightened awareness of impending Hypoglycemia. These are neuro, nephro, micro/macro vascular and cardio protective features so as to minimize or protect against the ravages of Complications associated with Long-term Diabetes despite good "numbers".
As WE all know, Diabetes does not go away and as such, WE have to do everything possible to make living with it, in our best interest. We have to be able to control it rather than the other way around.


Scott said...

Interesting, although I am not optimistic that our "friends" at big pharma will help to resolve this issue. I will have more to say on this subject very soon.

Bernard said...

Thanks for continuing to highlight this issue.

It does seem that there's benefits to taking C-peptide. I'm not ready to subscribe to a conspiracy theory about why it's not already available on the market.

Do you know if anyone is working on making a C-peptide solution? Is this another case where the Type 1 diabetes marketplace is too small (I'm assuming that Type 2's don't need it because most of them are still producing real insulin).

Anonymous said...

I recently came across this information regarding C-Peptide on yours or one of the other blogs. Had NO idea C-Peptide was stripped, if you will, and not replaced when they went from animal to human insulin. I have noticed debates re old-timers wanting their pork insulin instead of the human insulin, though. What can we do about this? Can we get a C-Peptide supplement somehow to give to children with diabetes? How can we help address this issue? To whom do we appeal? Is it known whether C-Peptide levels naturally decrease with progression of the disease and supplementation will have no effect? I am very glad to see your voice on chat transcripts because you tell it like it is. Our endo does not.... just stresses that there are healthy Type 1s living long and complication-free lives. Handing me a photo of the ONE 80 year old Type 1 she knows who is healthy, just doesn't cut it! I mean, that's ONE! I already know that a complication-free life, over the long term, is NOT the norm, that 98 percent of these kids have retinal "changes" after 15 years, kidney problems in about 30 percent -- these figures have not yet gone down, despite tighter control. I feel Endos and others are lulling parents into a sense of false security. Many parents seem to think with an A1c in the 7s -- which is TOO HIGH, by the way to prevent retinal complications, for one -- their kids will be complication free. If this point is not driven home, about the seriousness of this chronic condition, instead of everyone NOT seeing or talking about the elephant in the room, the sense of urgency about putting pressure on the politicians to free up money for research and passing stem cell research bills will not happen. Most parents are encouraged to think this is a disease which can be "managed." HA!

Anonymous said...

Creative Peptides is working on this...

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