Friday, January 19, 2007


Opening and ingesting small available packets of sugar found in my jacket pocket
as the Trader Joe's store clerk rings up my organic loaf bread with jars of organic creamy peanut butter......
My eyes remain open, but I continue to lose moments of consciousness while I
stand at the counter.
Groceries are bagged and given as I then tumble out the store and looked upon as "having too much to drink".
Nearest store approaches as an Angel in Rescue.
Dunkin Donuts appears as I enter the source that will be my Rescuer from the doom of impending unconsciousness.
A pornographic display of sugar coated sweetness greets me that will be the Redeemer to my20mg/dl.
I quickly order two Boston Cream Doughnuts w/Chocolate Glaze that appear in front of me like a woman's sensual breasts.
As I quickly devour them and drink down the bad tasting coffee to hasten the "fix", I slowly begin to feel my presence return back into the Time/Space Reality of Existence.


Chrissie in Belgium said...

My only question is -sSo you can really eat such delightful stuff for a hypo and not mess us the next 24 hours? I am envious! Glad you are OK again.

Minnesota Nice said...

There seem to be a lot of significant hypos among the OC'ers recently.
Now, Barry, plese do tell me what is so great about Trader Joe's? We've had one in the Twin Cities for about a year (in fact, it's right near my clinic) and the only time I went I found nothing that looked very spectacular.
What are their specialities? Can you recommend anything in particular that I should check out? (On that one visit I bought some greeting cards, a basket, and 'natural' kitchen cleaner - no food.) I'd appreciate your feedback.

BetterCell said...

Good to hear from you Chrissie and Kathy.
The question regarding Rebound Effect after a Hypoglycemia Event has a lot to do w/how much carbs/sugar the person will be ingesting. As we all know, our main concern when we are feeling the edge of Unconsciousness is to quickly "get back". In doing so, we usually will over-eat/drink that which will restore as to Euglycemia. One of the ways to prevent the subsequent rise in the blood sugar after hypoglycemia and after we have consumed a lot of "junk", is to take some fast acting insulin.
To answer your question Kathy,Maybe that the reason why there seems to be "a lot of significant hypos among the OC'ers recently", is because instead of the Flu during the Flu Season, WE all get Hypoglycemia....LOL
What I personally like at trader Joe's are the Organic Peanut Butters they carry, their Yogurt, Butter, variety of different juices, nuitrition bars, various spreads and sauces, Granola(but you can make your own easily), Organic Fresh Vegetables, Nuts and Dried Various Dried Fruits and fresh Fruits.........other stuff. It could be that the store near where you live does not carry enough Food Items. Speak to the Manager@your Trader Joe's Kathy. I would be happy to supply a list to you of many of the items that are carries here in the NYC/Union Square Store.

Ginnie said...

This entry gave me goosebumps. I am not diabetic but my husband often went through the same thing that you describe and his "coming back" was so dramatic.
As to Trader Joe's. I love that store and wish we had one in our area...I love the frozen salmon and the lemon scones, as well as lots of their organic vegetables.

BetterCell said...

Hi Ginnie.......It becomes an experience whereby those(ME) who are experiencing severe Hypoglycemia get to be an Active Participant in the "Game of Life/Death".
Since you do not have a Trader Joe's in your area, I would be happy to give you a recipe for Lemon Scones(I have baked professionally) that you can make and have very fresh. Just send me an Email as to what your Email is and I will send it to you.

Scott K. Johnson said...

Oh man - I would have probably ordered and eaten a DOZEN!!!

Glad you made it through a scary situation.

BetterCell said...

Thanks Scott....They were the only thing in view at the time.
No Guilt!!
Just lousy coffee that went w/it.

cassandra said...

i have to say, i love trader joe's. lots of good treats, organics, and vegetarian yummies.

haven't been to one in 3 years though... :(

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