Thursday, September 20, 2007


The question I posed to Dr. Bernstein for his Live Broadcast on 09/19/2007

was answered regarding C-peptide.
The question I posed was, "From your knowledge, Do you know if there have been any studies that have shown that C-peptide is of beneficial value besides that of a bio-marker for insulin availability?
Dr. Bernstein responded by saying that, "C-peptide is a by-product in the manufacture of insulin and indeed there have been studies on animals.
But since C-peptide is not available for human use, and no one is interested in making it, it is just an academic point.
But there are some benefits to it."

What we in the Diabetes Community need, is not only to make the Healthcare Profession MORE aware of C-peptide and how, yes how it can be beneficial to the prevention AND treatment of Complications resulting from T1DM. There are animal studies that have proven this and the Bibliography goes back at least 30 years regarding the beneficial effects of the use of C-peptide in T1DM.
It (C-peptide) can be made available just as Symlin is now available for Diabetes Management.
And, oh by the way, YOU can still develop Complications (micro/macro vasculature) resulting from T1DM in spite of having "good" blood sugar numbers. It is the Nature of The Beast or to say it another way, it is a part of the Disease.


Chrissie in Belgium said...

WHY, why do you think Dr. Bernstein gave such a lukewarm respnse. Why doesn't he encourage more scientific investigation concerning C-peptides. I just don't get it! WHY?

Scott said...

Thanks for asking the question. FYI, I am still corresponding with Eugen Steiner of Creative Peptides to see if he is willing to answer some interview questions. I'll keep the community advised of any progress I make in this regard.

BetterCell said...

Hi Chrissie....despite a wealth of information as well as an existing Bibliography that goes back at least to the 1970's, there are many Physicians "out there" who are not interested (actively) in Research despite he himself having T1DM.
As he said when he answered the question, 'this is just academic because there have not been human studies and C-peptide is not being manufactured."
Unfortunately, there are people in every profession/enterprise who find it more secure to "not make waves" in the pursuit of what can make a positive "difference" for those of us with Diabetes.
To seek and discover .....
requires time, comittment, passion, intelligence, creativity, an open mind, persistence and money.
How many people do you think have that combination ALL together? lol

Thank you Scott for remebering and not letting go of something that can be so vital to many, if not ALL OF US.

Andrew said...

Hi Scott,

What do you mean by the comment: "And, oh by the way, YOU can still develop Complications (micro/macro vasculature) resulting from T1DM in spite of having "good" blood sugar numbers. It is the Nature of The Beast or to say it another way, it is a part of the Disease."

It's a pretty general statement and I was wondering if you could be more specific. Your statement seems to indicate that by keeping your BS numbers in a "normal" range 24/7, you can still develop "complications" by having T1DM. What does this mean?


BetterCell said...

Hi Andrew.....This is BetterCell, not Scott.
What I mean regarding Complications, is this.
T1DM is the type of Disease where not only is your Body trying to adjust to high levels of Glucose because of a lack of endogenous Insulin, but it produces other changes in the Body as well.
Granted, if one was to keep their blood sugars in check 24/7 that would be great, however that does not guarantee that YOU will not succumb to Complications. It just delays them or if you're really lucky possibly eliminates them from ever occurring.
But, I do not think that is the case.
T1DM is a Disease that affects the Whole Body, and it is not do to only having high blood sugars. Too many people just seem to think, including some Physicians that it is all about "treating high blood sugars."
The Physician you should seek/have, is one who knows that this is a complex Illness affecting the micro and macro vasculature of the Body which will have an impact or the potential to have an impact on the Nervous System, The Circulatory System, The Urinary System, The Eyes, The Kidneys and more.
How you view T1DM is a personal Matter, Andrew. We all have our own ways of coping and dealing with reality.
Your Body needs more than Insulin.........It also needs C-peptide, exercise, live foods, meditation and Will
There are many Physicians out there that will tell you something like this. "oh, don't worry, just keep your blood sugars under good control and watch what you eat and you will be fine(no complications).
It is all "Public Relations(Political Correctness) in order to keep up a pretense so that the patient does no lose .......................hope.

BetterCell said...

I just wanted to add to the above of what was already written, that yes, having elevated Blood Sugars in Diabetes will play havoc within your Body and create the conditions called Complications.
However, inversely by maintaining a state of good/near perfect Blood Sugar does not guarantee that Complications will not develop.

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