Thursday, February 07, 2008

Diabetes Poetry

I turn the key to my apartment where I then drop spasmodically to the Floor.
Two dozen eggs are mixed as for an omelet that I never wanted as they fall out of the bag with me to the floor exposing yellow yolks on a brown wood surface creating the loss of a front tooth as I convulsively mash my jaw up/down and side to side not knowing what is real and what is temporary.
Unable to stand.
The refrigerator is near as my cats approach who have all too often seen their "Loved One" in similar past experiences.
They perform rescue by taking their claws to the open arm of my body that lays convulsing about in trying to revive me from the "Depths of Horror."
I squiggle to the refrigerator door and try to access any contents that will bring the Blood Glucose back up.
Pineapple juice bottle lay visible on the shelf as I reach for it but find my appendages are unable to grasp the potion as they continue to spasm.
I fight on...........Eternal Sleep is not welcomed.
Another attempt at the juice bottle yields it but quickly falls to the floor where juice and eggs now become a marsh reflection of Hypoglycemia.
Some juice remains in the bottle as I force myself to drink whatever liquid remains.
I lay in the marsh as my cats meow away the Evil from pressing on.
I search for honey and find a jar unable to avail itself because of immovable "stuck" lid.
Slowly the effects of the juice earlier consumed enables me to a steady gaze of another source which I now open and drink.
All is restored again, until.............................................................................


Scott K. Johnson said...


Scary poetry indeed.

Scott said...

Someone needs to develop cat training to rescue their owners! My feline has some experience, for example when I'm sleeping, she will jump on me and start crying. If that fails to wake me, she will start kneeding, first without claws, then with claws if that fails to do the trick. But maybe putting some type of container on the collar containing glucose tabs would help? Just a thought!

BetterCell said...

Your cat seems to have developed a way to "rescue" you Scott as does mine based on both the personality of the owner and that of the cat.
My PCP saw the scratch marks recently as I related the story of my Rescue Cats.
Felines and other animals need the appropriate recognition for their bravery, wisdom, loyalty and Love in both this Life and Beyond.
The Glucose Tabs around the neck of the cat is a good idea providing that the fingers and hand are adept in reaching them. During Hypoglycemia, mine are not always reliable.

Amylia said...

I'm glad you're okay, Barry.
I hope your bouts of such terrible hypoglycemia are few and far between, and that continue to be saved from a fate that doesn't belong to you. We need you here. It seems you have many good stories to tell, and more to live out for many years to come...

BetterCell said...

Amylia....T1DM as a Chronic Illness is such, that the longer it is with you, the more you are subject to the Wrath of Complications associated with this Disease.
There is no Joy associated with this Disease, only an acute awareness of Self and Others that has been given as a "Gift" because of it.
Thanks for your kind words.........
I "continue the fight."

Minnesota Nice said...

Bettercell, my hands do not work well either when I'm in the midst of a bad crash. That's why I was so startled to find that I'd opened three baby juice jars a few weeks back.
How about some bare glucose tabs in your pocket? I know it would make a mess with dust and not be particularly sanitary, but at least they would be readily available. I keep some on my nightstand in an open dish, but everytime I'm having a bad low I forget they're there and go into the kitchen and look through the cupboards..........the mystery of the sugar starved brain.
Beautiful video. Of course, it made me cry.

BetterCell said...

When my blood glucose is falling rapidly, I am not cognizant of what is in my pockets, on the table or anywhere else. I have a Glucagon Kit at my disposal, however if my hands
and arms are waving about, I cannot prepare the solution, let alone hold the syringe.
It has been reported in the Medical Literature that many people w/T1DM had begun experiencing Hypoglycemia Unawareness as a result of a switch from bovine/porcine Insulins to Genetically modified Insulins like the ones we are now using.
Of course, Hypoglycemia Unawareness also is due to other factors as well, such as longevity of T1DM, low norepinephrine levels and more.

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