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Scott Strumello has tagged me for *5 Things You Won't Find In A Book*
Thanks Scott.

Some of these items that I will list, you might find in a book. But all come from a personal relationship that I have had with Diabetes(T1DM) for a long time.
1. If you are newly diagnosed w/T1DM or you are the Mother of a child with Diabetes, then learn as much as you can retain about this complex disease.......and keep learning.

2. Always have some sort of ID on your person that says, that you have Diabetes and are on Insulin.

3. Treat signs/symptoms of Hypoglycemia IMMEDIATELY w/o first using your meter to check your blood sugar level. The time wasted, even in seconds can be dangerous where a rapidly declining glucose is occurring. If later upon checking your glucose value, you can always correct "mistakes," with additional Insulin. Remember, you do not "have to pass Go" in order to treat a possible Hypoglycemia crisis.

4. Keep an Opened Mind regarding T1DM and Treatment. The Body is under a constant state of stress because of the presence of this chronic Disease.
Anything that will help your Body/Mind/Spirit is worth developing and using. This might mean food modification where you will avoid certain foods and utilize others, the use of Meditation to lower stress levels, the use of exercise to help balance and reduce Glucose levels, the use of certain herbs that have been used for thousands of years in the treatment of Diabetes,
the performance of Martial Arts where your Body/Mind/Spirit become one and unified. This is helpful against any Disease.
Basically, you have to find what *works* for your own Body so that you are creating a "better playing field" than before.

5. Don't be a "Passenger" in your Doctor's office. You have to be proactive and involved in all treatments and decision making regarding your health.
It is your Body, not your Physicians.........respect it. Thus, both you and your Physician can both be "Partners" and sit together in the front of the car.

There is of course much more that I can offer, but like advice from anyone and anywhere, you take what applies to you and what you can use.

I pass this chain now to Kathy at


Scott K. Johnson said...

Great list Barry, and great tag choice too. I can't wait to see what she has to add to our list!

BetterCell said...

Like Diabetes Scott, the list comes now without thinking.

Janice said...

Those are wonderful suggestions BetterCell.
Thank you so much for making them available to those of us who have yet to travel the path of your varied experiences.

Minnesota Nice said...

Great list, BC. I will get mine up after giving it some thought.

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