Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I unlock my door to rush out into the cool Wind of Autumn.
It blows against my cheeks as I play a game with the forces of Nature.
The faster I walk up to the Wind, the stronger its voice makes
its presence known to me.
I use the power of my legs and the Breathe of my Lungs/Heart to rush me forward................and the Wind stays with me to remind me of the Beauty of Life.
The rushing of the Wind against my face are but subtle messages within Nature if we care to hear them at all.
I care.


Minnesota Nice said...

Oh yes indeed!!!
Bettercell, I think you know how much peace and healing I get from nature. I had the day off and spent a lot of it taking pictures of vines with colored leaves climbing up brick walls.
It was already dark when I was walking home from the busstop, but the combination of a soft streetlight behind yellow tree leaves against the sapphire blue sky was nearly overwhelming.
Peace to you as we enter the season of stillness.

BetterCell said...

.................and peace with warm memories always to you Kathy.

Tony said...

Oh that sounds nice :-)
That oh so beautiful season is fast approaching.
The cool stillness of browns and golds...
and a cup of hot cider & cinnamon too :-)

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