Friday, December 05, 2008


I decided for my Dinner that a few fresh plum tomatoes with garlic and Lamb would make an excellent sauce over cooked noodles. A good mix of protein and carbs.
I always score the tomato skins so I can peel them more easily after they are blanched.
However what I found myself doing was not only making the cuts into the tomatoes, but my thumb as well......deep ones where the bleeding did not stop.
Since I was experiencing another episode of Hypoglycemia Unawareness and my Hands with the rest of my Body were seizing and spastic, I could not hold anything .
I managed to open a jar of honey and put my hands inside to scoop out anything that rested on my palm or fingers, which I fed to my mouth.
A great deal of blood was dropping into the saucepan and on top of the noodles as well.
My first concern was not with my Dinner, but with the Saving/Healing of my Self.
The effects of the Honey finally kicked in and I was now able to regain my balance without falling on the floor.
So for those of you who are not taken aback by your own blood(think of all the finger-sticks you have done throughout the YEARS). Here is the recipe that provided nourishment while being prepared in a state of spasticity and semi-consciousness:
It tasted great!!

4 cloves fresh garlic (pounded or smashed)-skin off.
4 plum tomatoes that you will score on the back with a sharp knife.
1/4 lb. chopped Lamb.
Choice of your favorite cooked noodle.
Olive Oil
2T of Thumb Blood.(optional)
Salt to taste

Blanch the tomatoes in boiling water for 30 sec. then put into an ice bath, where you will peel the skin off.
Cut the tomatoes very fine since these will be in a saucepan where you have place the Olive oil, chopped Lamb, garlic under medium heat. Add chopped Tomatoes and salt. At this point the 2T Thumb blood(optional) can be added as well.
Lower flame and cook about 15 minutes adding any basil or/and oregano at the end.
Pour over a bowl of your favorite noodles with fresh chopped parsley on top.
Red wine would be a good accompaniment.


Minnesota Nice said...

BetterCell, I am sorry this happened to you, but glad you once again survived. No, sharp knives and hypoglycemia do not go together well (for that matter, what does?). One time I was chopping green onions for my salad and realized that I was trying to use the back side of the knife. Yes, I was a bit low also.

My immigrant granny always used to make something called "blood sausage". It ignites my gag reflex just thinking about it. I Googled it and it said if properly prepared, blood sausauge has a "uniue rich flavor". Then is also said there is something called "blood pudding".

I am about to leave to meet someone for lunch, and hope my apetite returns soon.........

BetterCell said...

Kathy.......I hope then as you prepare to leave for lunch, that the chef preparing your food doesn't accidently cut his finger.
My Dinner did taste good with a "unique rich flavor."

Scott said...

Well, I have little coordination with a knife regardless of blood glucose levels, so I'm used to the taste of at least some blood. Also, even if I don't slice a finger in the process, I have so many lancet holes all it takes is some pressure for one of them to start leaking. I'm over the concern ... maybe there's a bit of a Twilight-inspired vampire in all of us!

BetterCell said...

That explains why some of us with T1DM do have special powers and awareness that others do not possess.
It is a Trade-Off Scott.

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