Monday, January 16, 2006


This morning I awoke screaming in pain. I do not know if any of you have ever experienced this problem, but my calf muscle cramped up on me. The tightness (constriction) produced such pain as to warrant the scream. Since I live in an apartment in New York City where the walls are very thin, my neighbor must have thought that I was experiencing profound and intense orgasm. Both verbal expressions are very similar. I take this phenomenon to be a calling from G-D, since upon waking up and checking my blood sugar(bs) I found it to be 40mg/dl.
G-D always has a way of making his presence known so we may do the correct thing. The correct thing was to intervene so that my life would be saved.


ginacaps said...

sounds like a charley horse to me!

BetterCell said...

Yes ginacaps. I was told a long time ago, that the only way to relieve the pain was to stand up on the floor with both legs bare foot. It works. But the pain is "intense".

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