Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My cats get up at day rise, which here in NYC is about 6:00AM these days. When I am still asleep they become concerned as to my safety. They have on many occasions been able to detect low blood sugar levels within me and have all "rescued " me by various means to enable me to "wake up". This morning was no exception. My Alpha male cat, Willie hopped onto the bed and used his head to nudge my arm to move as well as using his head to push my face. In addition, he knocked down my alarm clock......All these actions as well as Sammy's loud verbalizations and Sara's licking of my nose succeeded in waking me up. My blood sugar was 72mg/dl..........Time for a great breakfast of noodles, eggs and fresh coffee made the best way☞French Press.


Ellen said...

What beans did you use for the French Press? I love that method for coffee. YUM

BetterCell said...

I use whole beans before grinding them. A combination of French Roast, Italian Expresso and Viennse Roast. This gives a "full-rich-body" with Flavor.

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