Saturday, January 21, 2006


On the weekends, I like to go to Farmers' Market here in NYC. I usually pick up what is in season and today was no exception. I always however pick up fresh chicken and eggs (for my baking and breakfast) so that I would have them on hand for the week. My "Poultry & Egg Vendor", is a great person and will always go out of his way to make sure that eggs and chicken are put aside for me. In turn, I will bake various desserts and cakes for him and his family. I decided to bake a coconut cake with a ganache spread to it. The combination of chocolate and coconut is great.
So I got on the subway with the cake and my large LL Bean canvas boat bag that I usually fill up from the market. When I arrived about 1 hour later, I saw an empty space where his stand usually sits. I asked the Vendor next to him as to what happened? She replied, "his truck broke down on the way to the market". Feeling a little disappointed and still carrying a great coconut cake with a ganache cover, I looked around to see if I could give the cake to anyone else in the market. I decided that I would not. So, I bought some apples and potatoes before I took the subway back home. On the subway, I started to feel a little lightheaded. Since I always carry my meter with me (Freestyle Flash) in a pouch clipped to my belt, I tested my glucose as the train headed north. Sure enough, my blood sugar was 36mg/dl. I looked in my jacket for any "sweet" things and found 3 packets of sugar (coffee packets) and immediately swallowed them. A half hour later, I checked my bs again, and it was still low at 40mg/dl. I looked in my canvas boat bag and saw the box which contained the great cake that I was unable to give as a present to my Vendor and decided that, "this would be a great way to get out of my hypoglycemia". In New York City, people as a rule do not look at others too much, since so many things and behaviors are always seen and nothing is "new". I opened the box and proceeded to cut the cake. The chocolate ganache gave way as butter would, and since the cake was so fresh it cut straight through with one slice. The best part was putting it into my mouth and eating it as I rode home. I did feel better after eating a slice of the cake and I was happy at the same time. Ode to Coconut Cake with Chocolate Ganache!!

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Ellen said...

Sounds like a luscious way to treat a low! Of course I thought it would have made a great scene in a Seinfeld episode. ;-).

What's your favorite chocolate? I love the Vlarhona Manjari but am always up for trying something new.

I hope your chicken/egg vendor is back next week.

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