Sunday, January 22, 2006


Class 5's is not going back to the Fifth grade, it is however how to reduce the number of dental caries that may result in sugar intake to correct hypoglycemia.
As most of us know, that the fastest way out of low blood sugars(hypoglycemia) is to ingest something very sweet. This could take the form of any liquid such as colas, honey, maple syrup and many others. Unfortunately when we are in the middle or beginning of a hypoglycemic reaction we are not thinking about our teeth or even about what to wear the next day. Our attention is (and should be) very focused on attending to our problem and how to resolve it. If we take a beverage or any other liquid, it will not only restore our blood sugar levels to where we can function again, but a "sticky" residue from the liquid will be left on our teeth. This residue usually adheres itself to the anterior(front) layers of the enamel between the gum and tooth at the margin. If allowed to can and often does create a dental condition called, "Class 5 Caries".It is the concentrated sugar that creates this condition, and the baseline of the gum is an attractive place for caries to feed on if anything sweet is found there. I found for myself, the best way to prevent this or/and reduce the number of caries is to rinse vigorously after you are feeling better or wisely, brushing your teeth. Afterall, who wants to return to the 5th Grade?

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