Saturday, February 25, 2006


Today in New York City, the temperature was around 50℉ so I decided as usual to go to Farmers' Market for more great Food for the week. The best way of getting there for me other than biking is the Subway. I boarded the train which was fairly empty (it was around 1:00PM). At the next stop however, a woman wearing a face mask gets on and sits close to me. I immediately moved to the other end of the car. It was not long before another woman who was already seated began expectorating her phlegm into her used coffee cup. Having had worked at Columbia University School For Public Health at one time and having a healthcare background before I entered the Food Industry, I again moved my seat to a Safer part of the subwaycar.
I do know that there was a time when anyone who had a communicable disease or a respiratory infection and was coming into this country would be quarantined for the good and safety of all.
Is it no wonder that there has been an increase in Tuberculosis in New York City. There exist now entities that look like human beings who when the need arises to sneeze or/and cough it is done openly without using a handkerchief (foreign substance to many) or tissue to cover the nose or mouth. This is so that their germs and poor habits can be openly shared with others in close proximity. I once saw someone who resembled a human being (outer form only) expectorate on the floor in the Lobby of Bellvue Hospital. I am sure that this "wholesome activity" is going on in other cities as well. Afterall, isn't it more important to show "Foreigners" how accepting we Americans are of all who come to our Shores, despite being "Blown-Up" as we were on 9/11/2001?

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