Sunday, February 19, 2006


When I was on the Insulin Pump some time ago, I still would have severe hypoglycemic reactions. All the more so, since I now had what is called "Hypoglycemia Unawareness". A condition due to lack of sufficient norepinepherine levels that act as an early warning system for low blood sugars.
There is a hospital in New York City that every once in a while will advertise on radio as to 'how great they are' by saying in a very Pompous Uptight/Upper Eastside/Snobby Woman's Voice, "Dont you deserve this level of care"?
Well since I was affiliated as a patient with this hospital, I decided to go to their Emergency Room. The day before I had dropped to the floor along with my floor lamp and awoke about two hours later because of the "Hypoglycemia Unawareness". Not only did this result in a loss of consciousness, a loss of my floor lamp, but heavy contusions on both legs which caused "open cuts" resulting in skin infection. Since Medically this is considered an Emergency, I naturally went to the ER of this supposedly great hospital. It was about 5:00PM when I was admitted into the ER where still wearing my Pump and after having seen the On-Call physician in the ER who suggested an alteration in my insulin settings and a dressing for my wounds. Since I was still laying on the Stretcher-Bed waiting for the Dressing to be applied by Whoever, I decided as I often do, to check my Blood Sugar. It was 40mg/dl....I was going into another Hypoglycemic Event and those Idiots who supposedly know all about Emergency Care, did not seem to know that a person who has Diabetes and is wearing an Insulin pump, is in need of FOOD!!!! Especially since it was now 7:00PM and I had been in the ER since 5:00 PM without any food.
I then got up off the Stretcher-Bed, approached the ER Physician who had seen me and said in a very loud voice so others would hear me as well, that I was Hypoglycemic and needed food. I also showed him the reading on my meter to confirm what I had said. I am glad I embarrassed him. I did get my food and later thought to myself as I left the ER as to why there is much Litigation within the Medical Profession. Could it be that the thousands of unnecessary deaths in hospitals due to negligence and stupidity is the reason?
Don't You Deserve this Level Of Care?

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