Saturday, February 04, 2006


Many of you would automatically think of coffee. Since Starbucks does have great name recognition, there would be no other reason to associate the company with anything else. But wait, Starbucks has other things that are even better than coffee. Besides, their coffee is not a good as it use to be. Some of the reasons for this are that the volume of stores cannot and does not (in my opinion) keep the same quality control when it comes to the roasting of their beans. The Barristers and "others" who work for the company are not as good as once were. They seem to be people who are there to fill vacancies and nothing more. The emphasis appears to be on marketing and real estate purchasing compared with good quality and knowledgeable service. In the beginning when Starbucks "came on the scene" here in New York City, the coffee was great as compared to the cheap quality coffee that was coming in from Columbia at that time. Starbucks, since it was the "new guy on the block", had to prove itself and establish a following willing to pay more than .50¢ for a cup of coffee. They did this by having well-trained Barristers and great Roasters to handle designated areas within the city.The small number of Starbuck stores established in the city at that time enabled the fresh roasting of coffee beans to be available to each store with care and quality control. Not the case now.....there are too many stores and not enough qualified people involved with the company as once was. Basically, Starbucks has grown too big and in the process has lost quality of coffee and service."Too big to be managed effectively". OK now that I have said my little critique on Starbucks, I will answer the question posed.
Taking many insulin injections throughout the day has some risks. Since I always carry my Flash glucose meter with me in a pouch that I clip to my belt, I can always monitor my blood sugars. When I am outside (the street), I need to be able to access a place where I can either give myself a bolus if my bs is too high or take someting sweet if the opposite is true. Since I am no longer on the "Pump", I carry my insulin pen with me all the time as well. Behold Starbucks!!
How great is it to be able to sit at one of the tables and do a 5 sec. check of my blood sugar?
If my reading shows "Hyperglycemia", then all I have to do, is to walk about 15ft. to the bathroom in Starbucks and take my fast acting insulin there.
If the contrary holds where I am feeling irritable, irrational, disoriented (normal states in New York City by all) and my glucose meter shows a "Low Number", then all I have to do is again walk about 15ft. to the sugar counter and open a few sugar packets to swallow. Nothing could be easier and I did not even have to drink their horrible coffee. And if you are feeling romantic, you could always sit next to someone who you feel attracted to. All this without spending a dime. Oh, one more thing.....If you are "out and about town" and in need of going to the bathroom, there is always a Starbucks to be found (these days) on every corner. Starbucks has become a stationary ambulance for those with Diabetes that also sells coffee. Thank you Starbucks for assisting all those with Diabetes.

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