Thursday, February 09, 2006


This goes wothout saying fellow persons with everything you can to try to stay out of hospitals as an in-patient.
A number of years ago, I had to undergo an operative procedure. As many of you know, all patients who are admitted for any surgical procedure must have an IV placed. This allows for easy access to administer medications quickly via a vein. It is especially useful if a person is not allowed "anything by mouth" and again it is a very quick/reliable way to adminster medications.
So, when I was admitted, the IV nurse places a solution of D&W in my vein in order to "keep it opened" in case different medications are required. Being proactive and never giving up self-autonomy, being able to think for myself, I said "I think you should use NaCl instead. Otherwise the D&W (Dextrose & Water) will cause my glucose to become very elevated. This is in spite of the medical personnel knowing in advance that I have T1DM (Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus). Afterall, an intake form is always required for all patients where their allergies and illnesses are listed. After consulting with the Resident and Attending, the IV solution was quickly changed to NaCL (Sodium Chloride). It is blunders like this which account for many many mistakes which affect the patient and his outcome. Another reason why litigation is so prevelant in healthcare.
Another time and in a different hospital, I required surgery on my eye. The RN assigned to me after the surgery was told to put "Liquid Tears" in the eye that did not have the surgery. The eye that did have the surgery, had sutures around it so I was not able to open it until removed.
So what do you think happens? She enters my room with the "Liquid Tears" and proceeded to apply it to the eye that had the surgery and which I could not open anyway due to the sutures. In my post anesthetic state I still was able to tell her WRONG EYE!!!
The lessons to be learned from all of this (I have more stories to tell), is NEVER NEVER GIVE YOURSELF UP TO DUMMYS AND INCOMPETENCE. It is you who are in charge of your body and no one else. Afterall no one is going to feel your pain if a mistake is made. Even those who wear WHITE make mistakes. Ask any Attorney who practices Malpractice. Don't ever "sell yourself short"!! Intelligence and good judgement are not exclusively given to those who wear white. I am wearing a teashirt(white) right now as I am writing, but I still know more about T1DM than many Fellows in Endocrinology.

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