Saturday, April 01, 2006


It is amazing but not unique to New York City where there is always visual stimuli present, that there always seem to be an obese man or woman walking down the street with their dog who also is obese. I am an "Animal Rescuer" and find it very sad that the pets people have are totally dependent on the care that they receive from whoever cares for them. The problem being in the kind of care that they receive, which in this case, is poor and destructive care to the health of the animal. In spite of there being numerous variables responsible for the rise of Insulin Resistance Disease(Type 2 Diabetes),overeating is a major contributor. People would rather eat foods high in carbohydrates, fats and other types of "junk" because as they reason, "I just can't help myself and it tastes good". These same irresponsible people use similar faulty logic with their pets(cats or/and dogs) by giving their animals too much food to eat. As most of us know, dogs and cats also develop Diabetes and have to be treated with insulin. They are subject to the same complications as their human counterparts such as heart disease, kidney disease and other awful neuropathies. If the owners of pets have no self-control, self-respect for their bodies, they should not pass this horrible behavior to their pets. Their animals are TOTALLY dependent on their caregivers. It is not fair to these animals because they have people taking care of them who do not know what they are doing. All of them will tell you that they 'love their pets'. However creating an illness in your pet that results from overfeeding and obesity is hypocritical and nothing to do with Love. These same people often overfeed their children as well creating more Diabetes or and Heart Disease now or for later in life.
I have had animals in the past and have them now as well. They are not overweight because I do not and have not overfed them. My animals (cats) have saved my life by helping to restore consciousness in me while in severe hypoglycemia as well as alerting me to my having low blood glucose(another story for another time).

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