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This is pretty much an addendum to a previous posting about obesity in animals causing Diabetes. I have recently come across more information regarding this problem. The conclusions are self-evident. Another example whereby people do not take responsibility for the good health of themselves, their children and their pets. There always exits cause and effect relationships. Enjoy the read:PET DOCTOR
Middle-age thirsty cat tests positive for diabetes
Dr. Michael Fox

Dr. Michael Fox/PET DOCTOR

Q: My cat started drinking and urinating a lot more than usual. She seemed weak and walked differently, as if on her heels. I thought it was her kidneys giving out and was in shock when the veterinarian tested her positive for diabetes. She said this is common in middle-age cats and dogs. Please spread the word.

A: Your veterinarian is correct. Type 1 diabetes mellitus is common in middle-age and older dogs and cats. It is often associated with obesity. Complications include cataracts in dogs and fatty liver disease in cats. Acetone may cause the breath to smell sickly sweet. Cats develop a down-in-the-heels (plantigrade) stance.

Early signs include increased thirst, urination, hunger and muscular weakness. Secondary infections due to immune-system impairment are common, in the skin, ear, urinary tract, prostate and respiratory system.

Regular blood tests, insulin injections and a special diet high in fiber and complex carbohydrates (and low in fat) are called for. High-sugar, semi-moist cat foods and dog foods must be avoided, even in healthy cats and dogs.

The high prevalence of diabetes and all of its serious complications in dogs, cats and people is reason for concern. In many instances, proper nutrition early in life -- no junk food (and sugar-laced cereals, candy and sodas for kids!) would save many lives and prevent much suffering.

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Megan said...


"Type 1 diabetes mellitus is common in middle-age and older dogs and cats. It is often associated with obesity."

That will help the type 1 diabetic's plight.

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