Wednesday, May 24, 2006


All of us know that it is of prime importance to keep our HgbA1C's in great numbers as well as the day to day readings of our glucose levels. What is not (unfortunately) discussed is how to avoid the MANY complications that affect people with T1DM no matter how great the glucose numbers are. The problem is in the LONGEVITY of the Disease. That is the issue at hand. There was a time when mortality age levels were low in comparison to today. Hence the diseases and health problems that most people now encounter were never around before. One of the many many problems with T1DM is that (obviously) it is not just about SUGAR as the villain. T1DM also raises inflammatory levels in ALL of us(T1DM), which in turn makes for susceptibility towards things such as Coronary Artery Disease and various Neuropathies. These things most Physicians usually do not discuss with their Patients other than give them referrals and limit their time to Insulin/Glucose Maintenance. How unfortunate and another example of overspecialization, time constraint and the business of Medicine. The nature of the Beast is that it is not as simple as it appears. TRAGIC!!!!

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