Tuesday, January 16, 2007


One Step Closer.....Scientists/Researchers from Taiwan's National Tsing Hua University have developed a better way to administer Insulin other than injection and inhalation(not good for people w/Respiratory Problems). This would be an "Oral" administration of Insulin, similar to the taking of any pill/capsule. The problem w/oral administration of Insulin until now, is that the stomach breaks down proteins and since Insulin is a Protein, it would have been broken down before it reached the blood stream. Thus making it in-effective for oral use.
However Dr. Hsing-Wen Sung and his colleagues tricked the stomach into accepting the Insulin molecule by coating it w/Chitosan(nano particles created from the shells of shrimp, lobster, and crabs.
In testing on male rats w/Diabetes the results showed a release of the insulin into the blood stream and a lowering of blood glucose.
The next step of course would be animal and then human testing if results are favorable.
Thank you Dr. Hsing-Wen Sung and colleagues.


Scott said...

Thanks for this most interesting post. Several years ago, researchers in Israel were working on an oral insulin, but apparently, when it got to trials, they experienced a lot of variability in terms of absorption. Maybe the Chinese version will resolve that issue!

BetterCell said...

Yes that is correct, absorption can be a determining factor regarding when and how much of the insulin will be released into the blood stream. After a meal laden w/fats.....the "insulin pill" would compete and take much longer as regards absorption time.

justme said...

So exciting! What do you think about those allergic to shell fish or seafood?? Would they be able to take it? (I'm not, was just wondering....)

About moving - was thinking the UK (again) as it would be easier for me.

BetterCell said...

Hi JM.......Yes that might be a problem to those who have a sensitivity to shellfish, unless the nanoparticles could somehow be modified so as not to cause an antigen effect.

BetterCell said...

Addendun to the above.

Nano Particles might be made from other materials besides the exoskeleton of Crutacea

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