Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I could not understand it or relate my T1DM to it in any way.
For the past three nights, I had been getting up from sleep to void about 3-4X during the night.
Having Diabetes is one of those Diseases where there are so many variables and factors that tweak and influence the body 24/7.
Beginning my Sherlock Holmes investigation led me to conclude that since I had moved my exercises to the later part of the evening, that that might be the variable causing these nightly interruptions from sleep.
Even-though my bs before sleep were within normal values, I decided on the third night to do a 3:00AM reading. It was 54mg/dl. The culprit was discovered that was causing my polyuria. The late evening basal and the exercise were enough to cause the Hypoglycemia with the only symptoms being Polyuria.
We are so use to having that symptom associated with Hyperglycemia, that it is too often overlooked as being in the same category as Diaphoresis(excessive sweating) which is associated with Hypoglycemia. After-all, the loss of fluids can be accomplished through many channels besides typical sweating. These include Lung Perspiration and Polyuria.
Thank you Dr. Watson


Scott K. Johnson said...

Awesome detective work!

BetterCell said...

Thanks Scott.......Who knows what goes on with all the nuances affecting someone with T1DM than that person with Diabetes himself.

Scott said...

Don't you hate it when lows act like highs and highs act like lows? Me too, but the reality is that the only way to know for sure is, as they like to say on dLife, "test, don't guess". As my namesake said, "Nice detective work!".

BetterCell said...

The ideal Scott, would be to have and internal/implantable insulin
pump w/2 sensors. One for detecting high bs levels and releasing the
required amt. of needed insulin and the other sensor, detecting lows,
whereby necessary amounts of glycogen would be released from the
It would almost be like "not having T1DM at all". lol

Anonymous said...

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MileMasterSarah said...

I wake up several times a night to use the restroom, but rarely do I have lows, and my kidney function is fine. Should I venture to say small bladder with lots to drink?

BetterCell said...

It can become quite complex Sarah.
Volume of liquid consumed. Sodium and caffeine content if any. Time of consumption preceding sleep. As you said Sarah, size of Bladder. Efficiency of Kidneys. High or low Blood Sugar. In Males, the possibility of BPH. Side effect of certain drugs that may have a diuretic action upon the body.
The etiology is so varied as to compare it to an Attorney discovering the Motivation or Motivations for a given crime.

Minnesota Nice said...

What an interesting concept. I always drink 10 ounces of water before bed so that I "naturally" wake up at 1-2 to test (I do not like alarm clocks). At that time I can guage very well whether my dawn phen. is getting ready to rally. I actually take 3 kinds of insulin - Lantus, Humalog, and Regular - the R is used in the middle of the night because of its 3 hour peak - then I can wake at 5 in target range. My dr. thought I was crazy to go to the extra effort - my HMO will not pay for three different insulins so I have to do the R out of pocket. I don't mind.
As far as polyuria goes, if I'm moderately high, say 250-300, it seems like my urine output decreases. If I'm over 300, I have to be there for at least a couple of hours before I have the polyuria (fortunetly this does not happen too often). I am going to pay attention to this in the coming days and see if there's a particular pattern with a hypo.

BetterCell said...

Hello Kathy.......If you took Lantus 2XDay and "tweaked" it so that you would still be in the Target Range as far as the morning was concerned.......would you not then be able to eliminate the Regular Insulin?
BTW, the "missing ingredient" for ALL of us w/T1DM is C-Peptide, which should have been added to the Insulin Analogues by lilly or Novo-Nordisk and was not. C-Peptide has been shown to prevent T1DM Complications as well as act upon treating them. It also makes the use of Insulin more productive. It could even be injected separately. I will write about this more in the next coming weeks.

Minnesota Nice said...

OK Barry. Your theory seems to have proven true for me today. I am very consistent with what I drink at work and the ensuing pee-patterns. This afternoon I had a najor hypo, down to 42, and had to make three extra trips to the bathroom, about 30 minutes apart.

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