Thursday, July 26, 2007


We should all mourn and grieve for the Family Members of William Petit, MD an Endocrinologist(Speciality in Diabetes) in Cheshire, CT.

On Wednesday, July 25, 2007 2 Parolees(Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes broke into the home of Dr. Petit and beat him with a baseball bat, then went upstairs where they tied and raped his two daughters and strangled Dr. Petit's wife, Jennifer Hawke-Petit. The Bastards/Vermin then set fire to the home causing the deaths of Dr. Petit's Daughters from the smoke inhalation.

These Bastards/Vermin were then caught by the police as they tried to flee in Dr. Petit's automobile.
I know that these horrible deaths and agony could have been prevented if the women of the home were taught the use of firearms for self-protection/self-defense.
Secondly, the judge who granted parole to these Bastards/Vermin should be held as an Accessory to the crime.
The Death penalty for these Bastards/Vermin should be immediately Delivered(like today)!!

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Chrissie in Belgium said...

Hi Barry, I have been gone so longso I just stopped over to your blog...... OMG did you happen to know this doctor? Why would people do this to him and his family? Was it a personal grudge against all of them? TERRIBLE! And about Levemir - I have previously read, where I do not remember, that often^people need more Levemir than Lantus! I only use Humalog, and I have no personal experience with either L insulins. Barry have you left the pump - I thought you used one?! Stop by and say hello! I put up some photos of Sweden and I KNOW you like Sweden. Hi Barry, hope you are doing OK!

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