Saturday, August 18, 2007


If anyone in the Diabetes Community can contribute your Knowledge, it will be very much appreciated by me.

Having been using Lantus as my Basal Insulin(bid) for a long long time, I recently decided to try Levemir.
I find that my bid doses with Levemir have increased substantially by about 13 additional units to create the same blood sugar numbers I had when using Lantus.
All the Variables such as Exercise, Stress, Food Intake/Amount, Sleep have remained constant throughout.
Has anyone else experienced this change where additional Basal Insulin amounts was required when using Levemir.
Thanks in advance.


Jeanie said...

I wish I could help you about this, but I found lantus to be pretty good as my basal insulin and have had no way to compare either the lantus to levemir.
I am now on a pump so I don't have to worry about lantus or levemir which I have never used.
Good luck.

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