Wednesday, July 04, 2007



Chrissie in Belgium said...

Cannot say I like the video...maybe b/c it does strike home. To cheer myself up a lighter tone is needed - "What, did they film that in Belgium summer 2007?" Rain, rain, rain. Barry I hope you are not having horrible hypos?

BetterCell said...

Hello Chrissie.........
My Hypos are an interplay between the Forces of Life and Death.
The consequences result in a different way to perceive Life within all its Beauty

Bernard said...

I do love Blade Runner and that scene really reminds me how many wonderful things we see (and overlook) as we stumble through life.

What a great movie. I need to watch it again.

BetterCell said...

Yes......your right on that description bernard. It was and is one of the best SF movies made. The visual and story is remarkable.
The reason why I chose to relate this to Hypoglycemia bernard, is because as WE all know, the experience can be and is Traumatic in both a Physical and Spiritual sense. However, I feel that because of this curse/blessing, WE are at the same time given an extra "Gift" that allows us to experience things/percieve within the world and around us that not too many people are able to.

Bernard said...

You're absolutely right about that Gift.

Because of diabetes I've been places, done things, and met people that have all been blessings in various ways. It's part of what defines me. I often wonder what it would feel like if I were 'cured' of the disease.

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