Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I seek a Haircutter/Barber that knows how to give "great" haircuts (short) for Diabetes Hair.
Since I have T1DM, my Hair is a part of this Illness as well.
Just as it is difficult to find an intelligent, non-arrogant Endocrinologist, the same would apply to Haircutters who are skilled and creative at their craft.

In exchange, I would bake some delicious pastry/dessert(I have baked professionally) or teach you Self-Defense/Martial Arts.

This would be in the New York City area.


Anonymous said...

Diabetes hair?
Please explain... I am Type 1 and have never heard this before.

Scott said...

The issue with barbers is that the criteria is so subjective. I've spent $100 on a haircut from someone who was raved about, only to be underwhelmed by the result. On the other hand, I've been very pleased with the results from an $8 haircut. You may need to be more specific about what you're looking for. Some people like to chat with their barber, others don't care to hear a word from them as long as they do a good job cutting their hair. Another issue: if you don't care about the environs of the place, then you might find a regular barbershop is quite sufficient, but if you prefer to make it an event with pampering, then that will never do.

BetterCell said...

Hi Sara and Scott........
This would be a Barter Arrangement. Great food or Teaching in exchange for a Great Haircut (in the NYC area).
Since T1DM is Auto-Immuned influenced, it will affect the hair because it is a live tissue reaction related to cells, nutritional input and hormone levels.
Everything affects T1DM and the Hair can be viewed as a screen as to what is going on internally within the rest of the Body.
Soooooo........I am looking for someone who knows how to cut hair and will give a great haircut.

Anonymous said...

I read your story and would be happy to cut your hair in exchange for a dessert. I also am in NYC and cut hair very well, even Diabetic Hair(lol). I will Email you my phone number and we can arrange where to meet.

George said...

I am having a Low Sugar Bad Hair Day.

Wow, that would suck.

BetterCell said...

Hey George..........
but you are consious now and able to function.

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