Friday, September 21, 2007


It seems that the message has been widely spread throughout the Diabetes Community.
YOU are not your Disease!! Yes, you may have Diabetes but you are not Diabetes or Diabetic for that matter!!


Allison said...

Very clever presentation.

I disagree, but it's a very clever nonetheless.

Chrissie in Belgium said...

How did yo do that? Barry I couldn't care less if someone speaks of me as a diabetic. Look this disease is so invasive in every minute of my life, why deny it?

BetterCell said...

Hi Allison........
Good to hear from you again.
As you probably know, I do not believe in Victimization.
As a result, Diabetes is just one of many other things in my Life that define who I am.
Life is neither a Bowl of Cherries or a Bowl of Sour Grapes.
It is a mixture of the two.
Hi Chrissie......
Yes Diabetes is invasive within Life, but so is waking up in the morning, exercise, great food, wonderful people, the smell of the Earth and Fauna after a rain, the hearing of the first return of Birds after the end of Winter............and so much more.
Since I was six years of age, I have never denied my Diabetes. I do not ignore it but at the same time, I do not have to be preoccupied with it or "Identify" with it as to who I am. BTW, my A1C's are great.
Words carry a great deal of emotional weight and influence upon others and oneself.

Minnesota Nice said...

Well said, Barry.
I am downtown waiting to meet a friend and using a public computer at the library.
When the video was playing, two people stopped to look over my shoulder..................(Minnesota is Dylan territory).
I am still trying to come up with a plan for balance between taking care of the condition and being completely preoccupied with it.
BTW it is one of those quintessential beautiful days here in Minneapolis - sunny, crisp a light breeze. Everyone on the street is in a great mood, gleaning those last lovely bits of summer. Bask. Savor. Test slood sugsr. Treasure the moment.

Amylia said...

Pretty cool. Howdya do that?!
It always pisses me off more when someone says I have diaBEEtus instead of DiaBEE TEES. I don't know why. Maybe it's all the press Wilfred Brimley has given to it. Grrr..gets me every time.

Oh, and how I envy Minnesota Nice right now. I loved those moments when I lived in Mpls.

BetterCell said...

Hi Kathy......
The people in the Library must have thought the Dylan came in through the back door.
Diabetes has been with me for so long that while it is important, it does not hold priority to everything else.
They are all important.
I believe in "Preventative Medicine," so I do things that are positive in Body/Mind and Spirit. I will choose the Real over the Pretense, the Quality over the Quantity, the Fulfilling over the Empty, .........and more.
Yes, this is a time of the year that offers a "new beginning" to everyone, where the traces of cold weather to come are felt and the Earth prepares a bounty of new root vegetables for sustenance.
Kathy, better stock up on the tomatoes before they are all gone.

Thanks for stopping by Amylia. I'm a "Mac Guy," so things like graphics, video and music are my "Tools Of Fun and Creativity."
I did not create the Dylan Graphic but was able to access it and create the pictorial feed.
About the pronunciation of Diabetes, I could post a very very very very very funny piece on the pronunciation of Diabetes as well as how someone with the Disease relates to it. But it is "dirty." and offensive to women, so I am hesitant, because some people might be offended. It is still very funny and I am sure many will laugh, which is what all of us with this Disease need, besides Insulin and C-peptide.

Seonaid said...

awesome! thank you for that..

BetterCell said...

The pleasure was mine, Seonaid.

Seonaid said...

Thanks for your perspective, I agree with you on how it is quality vs. quantity of life, what I think I really mean is that.. I just don't want to be beaten by some "complication" of diabetes. I'll do anything within my control to prevent that.. But you present an interesting view when you say to disregard "the numbers" and just live, I had not really thought about it that way. Sometimes just being aware of these statistics is a hindrance..

BetterCell said...

Hello Seonaid........
I do not want to imply nor am I that foolish to say that "numbers" regarding blood sugars are not important, they are.
They(the numbers) can expedite Complications and worsen existing problems that may happen to those of us with T1DM.
What I am saying is that the very Nature of this Disease can bring Complications along with it regardless of what a person's blood sugar numbers are all about. It is as I have said before, a serious and complex Disease that not too many people in Healthcare are familiar with and can address
properly. What is addressed are the layers of the problem rather than the problem itself!!
You Seonaid can live and enjoy all that Life has to offer without being obsessed and preoccupied with T1DM, so long as you are not being "self-destructive" to yourself and getting carried away in terms of what you eat and in terms of what you might be doing to your body.
A person can have a healthy attitude and respect themselves whether or not they have Diabetes. Having T1DM and being involved with self-destructive activities is just WORSE for those of us with Diabetes.

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