Friday, March 28, 2008

Six Word Meme

Thank you for the Tag Minnesota Nice.............and that you are.
Here then w/o further delay is my Six Word Meme:

Still looking around Corners
for Cure..........

I, in-turn pass the Six Word Meme to:
Seonaid @

Scott @Scott's Web Log


Vicki said...

Yes, the problem is that no one has been told which corner to look for the evasive CURE.

BetterCell said...

Now they(Healthcare People) say that the "Cure for Type 1 Diabetes is on the Horizon."
I guess that it(Cure) was moved from "just around the Corner" to on the Horizon.
I should have been told that the location was changed instead of spending so much time looking around Corners!!
Invest in Binoculars........

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