Saturday, March 01, 2008


As reported in the Boston Globe 2/25/08/
Eating Oats(Whole Oats) is good for you!!
The reason being, is that they contain an ample supply of beta-glucan, a natural anti-inflammatory agent that suppresses the body's production of certain cytokines.
Cytokines are Inflammatory Agents that produce elevated levels of Inflammation within the Body. This Inflammation can be found in Diabetes, Heart Disease, MS, Arthritis, Allergies, Asthma and many other Auto-Immune Illnesses. Often with this Inflammation comes further harmful effects within the cells, tissues, organs and vasculature leading to other Diseases or a further breakdown that has already begun.
So, here is something that is Natural and without side-effects that would be useful to all those with Diabetes and other Illnesses.
Oats have been available for a long time, are in abundance, are easy to prepare and digest; and have many healthful benefits to offer. They also lower LDL(bad cholesterol) levels. For those of us w/T1DM that is important because the risk of Coronary Disease is elevated in those with Diabetes.
Part of the treatment for T1DM is to be actively involved with taking care of your Body in a positive way.

You have to be willing to accept responsibility and modification for your own Body.
Remember, what you want are whole oats, not the 30 second kind.
In this case, a little cooking effort goes a long way. Have it with slices of fresh fruit or berries on top, sitting across the table from the person you love. If there isn't a person you love sitting across from you, have it anyway.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, I eat real oats as a hot cereal on most mornings. It gives me energy and my blood sugars are more stabilized. It's a great food.

Anonymous said...
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Minnesota Nice said...

Ooooop! I was only halfway through the post and thinking, "I wonder if the instant kind is ok....." Guess not.

BetterCell said...

The instant oatmeal is still good, because it will give you more fibre in your diet which has also been shown to help with blood sugar balance via delaying the absorption of carbohydrates.
However for the really good stuff, beta-glucan......I would recommend whole oats Kathy.
Easy to cook.

Scott said...

I like oatmeal for breakfast (if I choose to eat breakfast, which is a big maybe) and I prefer regular oatmeal over instant anyway, so I guess that's a good thing. Now if only it would help with beta cell regeneration!

BetterCell said...

Absolutely Scott!!
But still we can improve and modify our Bodies in a positive way that will be rewarding.
The Beta-Cell Regeneration maybe should be left in the hands of JDRF International. LOL
I am getting too cynical. But since I really want to keep an "open-mind," I will say who knows?

Anonymous said...

i've always wanted to add more oats to my diet.. my dad has eaten oatmeal every single morning for as long as I can remember. Unfortunately, I get up too late to have enough time for it before school. I'll definitely make a more conscious effort to eat it more though!

BetterCell said...

It is a little like exercise Seonaid.
Setting the time and day to partake of something really good for you
as well as having a tool to fight Inflammation within the Body, which
T1DM contributes to.

Minnesota Nice said...

BetterCell, you've been tagged for the Six Word Meme.

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