Tuesday, February 24, 2009



The light of a late summer afternoon shines through her blue eyes offering a profound Beauty within the forces of Life to behold.
She is looking for the Light........But I am able to see it within her. It is not to be found outside of Self but many times hiding inside waiting to be tapped and released.
There are many women with Blue Eyes but very few that are able to capture the spirit of the Earth and provide a soft blanket covered in silk that lays upon the Body when Wind approaches.
My eyes portray the Earth which gives growth to the elements of the blue sky in the middle afternoon of a late Summer day.
Our Eyes kiss as we depart in the knowledge of seeing each other once again within the depths of our travels.
Our Japanese farewell are understood by both.
Many paths to the circle exist.


Caira said...

"Blue eyes" - Cary Brothers
the song I heard in my mind while reading this. Have you heard of it?

BetterCell said...

Yes, I have Caira.........
I find that the Spirit of Blue Eyes to be in a realm of Transmigration compared to that of Brown/Hazel Eyes which are able to communicate with all Worldly things including the Animal Spirit.

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