Tuesday, March 10, 2009


The company Generex has been involved for some time now in a new Insulin delivery system, which is an oral spray into the mucosa of the mouth thereby avoiding any Respiratory Complications or problems that may arise.
I will paste the article here for all to read and to rejoice.
No cure yet!!

Generex Biotechnology Announces Successful
Phase III Study Data for Generex Oral-lyn™

WORCESTER, MA, March 10, 2009 (GlobeNewswire) – Generex Biotechnology Corporation (NasdaqCM: GNBT ) (www.generex.com), the leader in drug delivery for metabolic diseases through the inner lining of the mouth, today announced positive results following the review of the Phase III data for the Company’s flagship product, Generex Oral-lyn, a proprietary oral insulin spray product designed to replace prandial injections of insulin.

Generex, together with the Company’s independent third party statistical and data monitoring consultants, will continue to monitor the ongoing pivotal Phase III Generex Oral-lyn study according to protocol and national/international ICH-GCPs. To date, more than 300 subjects have been enrolled in the study (with 60 subjects having achieving the requisite six month treatment milestone) and the product’s non-inferiority to injectable meal-time (prandial) insulin appears to be maintained. If the current positive trend is maintained, then a large reduction of required enrollment will suffice for formal verification of the non-inferiority hypothesis.

The current data also demonstrates that no significant Generex Oral-lyn drug-related “Adverse Events” or “Serious Adverse Events” have been reported, which also supports the current initiatives of the study.

“The current data and trends represent a critical milestone for the Company,” said Anna Gluskin , Generex’s President and Chief Executive Officer. “These results are consistent with the results of our previous studies. This will allow us greater flexibility in our strategies for filing submissions with regulatory authorities in major global markets and other jurisdictions where applications are already in progress.”

The Company believes that Generex Oral-lyn will offer a safe, simple, fast, effective and pain-free alternative to prandial insulin injections which will improve patient compliance with therapeutic regimes thereby delaying the progress of diabetes and the onset of its myriad complications.


Scott said...

Let's hope one of these vaccines actually works, although I won't hold my breath waiting (I know better by now, there have been too many disappointments over the years). Still, with each trial, new information is discovered, and as someone once said, researchers have come to grips with the fact that they consistently underestimate the disease!

BetterCell said...

Scott.........I know how you feel.
It is like climbing Mt. Everest.
One may have all the proper equipment and still be unable to reach the top.
However, the climber(Researcher)
is still able to learn from his misfortune/mistakes and doubts
so that the next climb can be successful.
Don't give up.

Scott said...


Did you catch this follow-up? You might find it interesting: http://www.biospace.com/news_story.aspx?StoryID=130003&full=1 (http://www.biospace.com/news_story.aspx?StoryID=130003&full=1)

BetterCell said...

Yes.....Scott. I got the great news sent via Email. It looks like our *Out-Sourced Cousins* in India will have first dips in using Oral-Lex bucal mucosal spray for Insulin delivery.
That is good news for us(T1DM).

Diabetes Directory said...

Taking medication through an oral spray would be cake. Great idea, hopefully something like that comes out soon.

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