Saturday, November 21, 2009

I Meet Moses

Last Thursday, the weather was brisk but warm for this time of year.
It reminded me of Spring that always offered the promise and expectation of "new things" to come my way.
An appointment with my Physician meant taking the subway on time so as not to be late. Little did I know at the time, that I would be more than just late.

As I swiped my Metrocard into the turn-style, I heard the oncoming train. The ten feet to the stairs while on the platform turned into a "Dance with Death."
I immediately fell to the cement floor of the platform and began to seize. Punching and wobbling about while trying to keep any semblance of consciousness and control alive. This gave way, to the punching of the iron beams with my fists before falling to the ground again.
Some Good Samaritans called 911 as I kept punching and wiggling about on the cement floor of the platform.
It was as if, "another part of me was and wanted to be in control."
Another Good Samaritan gave me a pint of orange juice to drink, while his friend ripped a piece of heavy cardboard box in half to use as a fan for me as he waved it back and forth.
I asked the person who brought me the orange juice what his name was? He replied, "it is Moses."
The EMS finally arrived while I was still in a half conscious state of cognition and 'asked me for ID.'
I showed them my Driver's License and Hypoglycemia Card that stated my having Diabetes. All this while slipping in and out of consciousness.
In the ambulance they had me restrained on the stretcher since I was trying to get up and even managed to do so in a semi-verticle position.
The EMS person (Mr. Velez) then gave me an O2 cannula. I tore off the O2 cannula and told them that what I needed was GLUCOSE and not Oxygen.
Thereupon he squirted a glucose gel into my mouth, since I was tied down.
When we arrived to the ER, my blood glucose was 50mg/dl.
The persons that were truly helpful were the Good Samaritans (Moses and his Friend)
They were the ones who despite their Poverty, saved my Life.........and not the EMS WHO SHOULD BE BETTER TRAINED IN RECOGNIZING AND TREATING SEVERE HYPOGLYCEMIA.
Thank you Moses & your Friend.
In retrospect, during the past when because Of Hypoglycemia Unawareness and falling to the ground there have been better trained, more intelligent and caring EMS, EMT Personnel who because they gave me Glucose IV, did save my Life.
Yes Virginia,.............there is a Moses.
Since my Life has been a series of Rhythm & Blues, what better way to celebrate Awakening (again) then this fine piece of music. Play it on the loud side and catch the great movements on stage:


Colleen said...

You are so lucky. Glad you're ok!

Scott said...

God, you'd think EMT's by experience alone should be better trained on hypos, but maybe you were their first. I once had one that told me that I should be using orange juice instead of glucose tabs. Not having the mental capacity to argue that point, I just said OK. It pisses me off to this day that once I came to, I didn't lecture them on the stupidity of their recommendation.

Oh well, let's hope they learn something from this experience!!

BetterCell said...

"They" still want me to pay
$500.00 for the Ambulance Ride to the ER plus another $50.00 for the O2 which they forced upon me and which I tore off my face telling them that it is Glucose that is needed not Oxygen.
Stupid Fu#@kers!!!!

Minnesota Nice said...

He didn't by any chance look like Charlton Heston, did he?
Oh for mercy sake, you could have choked on the gel
Maybe your experience will ensure that they treat the next hypo case more appropriately.
Glad you are okay. When I went via ambulance to the hospital for my broken ankle, they asked if I wanted the siren on. I said "is it necessary" And the reply was "no, and it costs $75 extra"........go figure.

BetterCell said...

It is the business of Health care M.N.
Like any other business you have those that shine on top as well as those who do not belong and are liabilities to
the work at hand.
It would have been cheaper and better if they had driven me to a doughnut shop.
Moses did not look like Charleston Heston but he and his Assistant acted with kindness, common sense and concern. They were the true heroes.

Anonymous said...

great ...........................................................

Tammy said...

Just wandered into your blog. My 6 year old son is 1 yr into his dx of Type 1 Diabetic. I am perplexed by how quickly blood sugar drops. Do you feel it coming on or does it just bottom out?

Glad you're ok.

BetterCell said...

Thanks for your visit.
Blood Sugar levels can decline very rapidly and that is why it is very important to
check Blood Glucose levels throughout the Day and just before sleep.

Because I have had T1DM since the age of 5, I no longer am able to feel the effects of
low Blood Sugar such as dizziness, lightheadiness, irritability, difficulty concentrating, erratic behavior and thus,
must rely on my Glucose Meter to establish if I am Hypoglycemic.

The material that I have read so far, points up these speculations regarding Hypoglycemia Unawareness:
1. There is a loss of Neurotransmitter activity whereby the person who has T1DM
for many years is now unable to "feel" low levels of Glucose,
2. There is a dysfunction in Counter Regulatory Hormones whereby the person's Body tries to
restore Balance by releasing hormones such as epinephrine, adrenalin so as to
restore normal Blood Glucose levels. Sometimes these Counter Regulatory Hormones
are restored too late during Hypoglycemia or in too much or too little in quantity.
3. Hypoglycemia unawareness is NOW recognized by the Medical Profession as
one symptom(Complication) classified as Autonomic Neuropathy due to T1DM Longevity.

The falling of Blood Sugar can occur very rapidly, so it is very important to have on hand honey, orange juice, cola........these are liquids that will act quickly to restore blood sugar levels back to normal. If it is more severe, whereby your son has passed out or/and cannot be aroused............then I would recommend you learning how to use a Glucopen Hypokit so
as to administer an intra-muscular injection(buttocks) to restore normal blood sugar in
addition to calling 911...........My feeling about 911 is that by the time that they arrive, you
would have already done most of the things that they MIGHT or MIGHT NOT do depending
on their training, experience, intelligence and COMMON SENSE.

Again, there is such a thing called Nocturnal Hypoglycemia, so it is important to check your
son's Blood Sugar level before he goes to sleep.
As you already know, T1DM is a Complex Disease which has existed for thousands of years
and where Complications can still occur DESPITE Normal Blood Glucose levels.

I have never used it to slow me fact, it has caused me to embrace Life more.

I hope this long answer helps you and say hello to your son from me.

Lil' This...Lil' That... said...

My goodness! What a touching story! Glad to hear there are still angels down here on Earth! Glad you are OK!

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